REAP vs. Reiki

The question I get asked most regarding the REAP Healing Method is “how is it different from Reiki?”. REAP, which is an acronym for Remote Energetic Alignment Process, does have similarities to other forms of energy medicine such as Reiki.  Yet like each of the various energy healing modalities it has distinct differences in how energy is harnessed and transmitted to the client.  Moreover, how the client experiences their healing process has significant distinctiveness as well.

As a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, I am intimately familiar with the subtle nuances of Reiki. In fact, I still enjoy giving and receiving it from time to time.  The REAP Healing Method was, in a sense, born from Reiki as well as from Shamanic Energy Healing and a technique called Body Activation.  I love each method and in time found myself blending them into one. I also added the use of my intuition and empathic abilities into the mix.

My knowledge and training in massage therapy and the various body systems has provided a body-based foundation for the REAP Healing Method. Additionally, my familiarity with other forms of energy healing through my ongoing studies (such as Polarity and Traditional Chinese Medicine) have had an influence on the birth of REAP, albeit minimal.

As you can see, the REAP Healing Method is a composite of many forms of energy medicine. Still, for those who are Reiki practitioners and may be wondering just how different REAP is from Reiki I have created the following table comparing the two below:

Reap Reiki
Obtains healing energy through “Activation” of one or more physical organs or systems of the body Obtains healing energy through “Universal Life Force”.
Healing is targeted in one or more of 11 areas of the body which extends outward into energy field (formal structure). Healing is targeted anywhere in or around the body (no formal structure).
Use of intuition and empathy plays a pivotal role in administering the healing. Intuition has no role and empathy is discouraged.
Healing is “sent” through a process called “Magnetic Resonance” in which your body’s innate God-given intelligence is utilized. Healing is sent through the hands using “Universal Life Force” energy.
Advanced level uses “Activation” to correct distorted mental and emotional patterns and imprints in the energy field, along with restoring DNA and wholeness of soul. Advanced levels use symbols to correct mental and emotional patterns.
12 hours of Level 1 training = 12 CEU’s issued by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork 4-8 hours of training (varies by state) = 4-8 CEU’s issued by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
The client is often given intuitive information about the origin or cause of the problem and are often given “homework” after the healing session to empower them in the process (and further their healing, growth and expansion of wholeness). The client may or may not receive intuitive information about the origin or cause of the problem or receive homework.  This provision of intuitive information is generally not encouraged nor is this kind of training provided.

These are some of the significant differences between REAP and Reiki. This comparison is intended to provide an understanding and is not to disparage the use of Reiki.  If you are unsure about which method is best to use or learn, I always recommend one should rely on accumulated practical information, study and most importantly to follow what resonates most with you.

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