Spiritual Healing Methods: Using the Power Within

Shamans over many centuries, have operated under the basic truth that all power comes from within. Spiritual teachers, leaders and healers from around the world have different names for this – the higher self, the core self, Source, the spirit, the I AM Presence, and many more. Regardless of what name it is given, this inner power refers to what is most true about you. It refers to the fact that each one of us is innately connected to a far more powerful source of creation. This connection ensures that we have the ability to do just about anything we can conceive of and believe in – especially including healing.

For instance, it is well known that our physical bodies have infinite intelligence as a result of this power within. If you think about it, there are millions of tasks that our bodies perform every day to keep us alive – all without any action on our part. You may wonder then, why are we sometimes riddled with unhealthy conditions or illness, feel depleted or just plain sick? The answer lies in today’s culture where there is too much emphasis placed on cognitive activity and production. Another way of saying this is we become extremists trying to keep up with the demands life presents us and neglect our intrinsic need to lovingly nurture and care for our growing body, mind and spirit. This inadequate attention results in imbalances of our entire systems – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – which then results in poor health and ill-being.

However, good news lies ahead. Because of this power within, we can turn these conditions around. This inner power allows you to focus your energy and attention to empower, strengthen and activate your health and well-being – or if you choose – the health and well-being of another. The REAP healing method teaches you how to harness this inner power and apply it to the exact locations on the body that restore your balance, health and well-being. Additionally, you’ll find that by learning the REAP healing method, your connection to a far greater Source within you and around you will be activated and strengthened – bringing about a greater sense of clarity, purpose and understanding about your own infinite nature. I invite you to learn this healing method and join our growing community of practitioners. The learning experience that REAP provides, is enlightening and profound for students at any level.