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Your Spirit is the Essential Ingredient to Your Health and Wellness

Spirit: the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy and power – Merriam Webster Dictionary

Exploring your spirit creates an opportunity to cultivate your relationship with the Universe and the God of your choosing. In cultivating such relationships, you connect to a greater power or life force that enables you to get to the root of any problem – or to recognize and enhance all positive aspect of your life. This in turn, allows you to gain wisdom and understanding about your emotions, your mind and your body in a way that can’t really be explained by traditional western medicine and science. This very connection initiates a healing that is truly whole and complete.

For instance, after I had my Divine experience back in 2003 in which I was saved from harm after being forewarned out of nowhere, I began to explore my own spirit. As I explored this side of myself and of what was “out there”, I realized that something was changing inside of me. I was becoming lighter, happier and free. I can honestly say I have never had this sense of well being and peace – even after years of receiving emotional help and support from psychological counseling. In addition to these sensations, my body was filled with more energy and vitality than it had when I spent 6 days a week working out and maintaining a healthy diet. Clearly, some unknown aspect was being tapped into and providing exactly what I needed to reach a higher level of prosperity in my life. I was both amazed and filled with wonder at the level of comfort and contentment I was feeling due to this “awakening”.

It was here that I was drawn to energy medicine and learned about our different energy bodies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I also learned how to develop my intuitive abilities (of which we all innately have) and in doing so, could see different patterns of energy that would appear in a person’s body and aura. Each pattern of energy had an emotional, mental AND spiritual imprint. These imprints revealed certain characteristics that were blocking this person from experiencing whole health and wellness. It was my spirit that was showing me this and what was needed to re-adjust their energy flow. In doing so, I realized that it was my spirit merging with their spirit. Evidently, exploring my own spirit led me to realize my ability to promote healing of another. (Note: please understand that exploring your spirit isn’t going to automatically put you in a position to heal anyone else but yourself. Of course, if you want to heal another, then exploring your spirit is the first requirement of many.)

Discovering who you are, what you are made of and where you really come from is a huge benefit you gain from exploring your spirit. This discovery has the potential to transform you from the inside-out at the deepest atomic level of your body and the inner-most recesses of your mind. And this all happens because of the connectivity of the body-mind-spirit. Most importantly, it is the spirit aspect that ties it all together.

Your spirit is part of The Great Spirit which holds all that you could ever need. Begin your exploration today.