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The heart, in my opinion, is our main command center.  It is the central point in our body and also the central point of our essence.  The heart is probably the most often referenced term in our daily life.  You have certainly heard idioms such as “change of heart”, “heart of gold”, “broken heart”, “heart of the matter” and “heart isn’t in it”.  These idioms originated and have lasted due to the level of significance we give our hearts.  So it’s no surprise that the heart can be considered our command center.  It’s safe to surmise that keeping this command center healthy is of the highest importance.

In my experience with energy medicine, heart health expands beyond the physiology of the heart and circulatory system into our emotional health, our mental health and our spiritual health.  It is these 4 aspects – or bodies as they are often referred to in energy medicine – that make up our total well-being; physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual.  When any of these 4 bodies are out of balance in some way, one or all aspect of our health may be negatively impacted.

Most of us already know how to maintain heart health in our physical body, but many do not yet know how to care for our remaining 3 bodies.  If we can view our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies – and even our physical body – through the lens of energy, we may be able to understand how we can transform that energy into something that is beneficial.

Tranforming that energy may be initiated through a tool used in energy medicine called Activation.  Activation is the act of putting your focus and attention on your heart with the intention to “activate” or strengthen it.  Energy-wise, what you give your attention to will grow. “Where attention goes, energy flows” resonates with this concept as well.

This tool of activation can be used with little guidance and instruction.  You can learn to use this tool to increase your:

  • Health and strength of your circulatory system (physiological heart) 
  • Sense of fulfillment without actually having to procure a particular ‘thing’ or ‘things’ (emotional heart)
  • Amount of positive outcomes through guiding your decision making to be based in love instead of fear (mental heart)
  • Connection with your spirit and universal love (spiritual heart)

When you activate your heart, you give your loving attention to it with the intention to both heal and strengthen it in all ways.  Additionally, it helps to process grief and loss in a healthy manner and increases your ability to give and receive love.  The main idea behind using this tool of activation is to bring total balance, harmony and well-being to your heart.

There are several other areas of your body that will benefit from using this tool of activation as well.  Areas such as the thyroid, nervous system and lungs are just a few examples.  As it is for the heart, activation of these areas positively affects your physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to bring complete well-being.