Energy Healing Testimonials: REAP Healing Method

Read more about Pamela Dussault and REAP from practitioners and clients who have worked with Pamela and benefitted from REAP’s healing effects.

Pamela’s energy work is powerful, clear and deeply healing. Working with her frees you from the hidden blockages to your total well being. I highly recommend her beautiful work to anyone who wants to live more fully and freely in the present.

Sonia Choquette – World renowned author and six-sensory spiritual teacher

REAP has awakened me to my deeper purpose and experience who I really am. I love being able to now facilitate this for others too.

Nat Couropmitree, Alignment Coach

REAP has expanded my capacity as a healer, attuning me to new energy centers in the body, and brought me a deeper appreciation of the healing power of pure presence.

Rachel Cohen, M.S.

Learning R.E.A.P. ™ was a deeply healing experience for myself. So much old emotional energy was cleared and released, leaving me with a new sense of peace, clarity and well-being. And now I love having it in my tool belt to not only heal myself but to use it to heal others in my practice. R.E.A.P. ™ helps with everything!

Jessica Roche, Crystal Energy Healer

REAP provides a logical, body-based system and structure for sharing loving kindness with the world around me. REAP’s intentional and intuitive techniques are gentle, yet powerful, and are safe for anyone needing healing.

Julie A. Carr, M.Ed. LMT