REAP Healing

Energy Healing Practitioner, Coach, & Intuitive Services

A growing number of REAP practitioners are available for your healing needs. While Pamela herself is able to take on only a limited number of new clients, she is pleased to recommend the highly talented, certified practitioners listed below.


Robyn Chan

Certified REAP Practitioner, Intuitive and Empath

Website: click here

Carolyn Kenyon

Certified REAP Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer
Specializes in healing her clients inside and out.

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Laurie “Elle” McSwiggin

MBA, M.Ed, RMT, Certified REAP Practioner

Intuitive healing services to clear the energetic clouds of the past for a brighter tomorrow.

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Jessica “Jessie Angel” Roche

Certified REAP Practitioner

Specializes in deep level energy healing to shift old patterns and open up to new levels of light and love.

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Nat Couropmitree

Certified REAP Practitioner and Coach

Empowering Highly Sensitive Individuals to Partner with Themselves for Lasting Fulfillment.

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Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen

M.S., Certified REAP Practitioner and Self-Compassion Coach

Transforming your inner critic into your inner lover through the powerful combination of energy healing and of mindful self-compassion.

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Julie A. Carr

M.Ed.,LMT, Certified REAP Practitioner

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Rosalba Micielli

LMT,Certified REAP Practitioner, Polarity Practitioner, Master Aesthetician

Specializes in Connecting To Self, Raising Level Of Being Present, Trusting In Who You Are.

Contact: 415-370-1276

Stacy Young

Certified REAP Practitioner, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Certified Reiki II Practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader

Specializes in finding your balance and creating a healthy life by integrating healthy habits in nutrition, relationships, career, and spirituality, using energy healing, intuition, and angel card guidance to support you on your journey.

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Veronica Moore

Lite Within, Ottawa, ON Canada

Certified REAP practitioner, IET Master Instructor, Therapeutic Touch practitioner, Intuitive guidance, Yoga Teacher.

Healing one person at a time.

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Maria Paskiewicz

Maria Paskiewicz

Psychic Medium, Akashic Records Reader, Certified REAP Practitioner

Connecting you with your higher self and loved ones on the other side. Guiding you towards the state of happiness you’re meant to experience.

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