REAP Healing

Energy Healing Practitioner, Coach, & Intuitive Services

A growing number of REAP practitioners are available for your healing needs. While Pamela herself is able to take on only a limited number of new clients, she is pleased to recommend the highly talented, certified practitioners listed below.


Robyn Chan

Certified REAP Practitioner, Intuitive and Empath

Website: click here

Carolyn Kenyon

Certified REAP Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer

Specializes in healing her clients inside and out.

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Laurie “Elle” McSwiggin

MBA, M.Ed, RMT, Certified REAP Practioner

Intuitive healing services to clear the energetic clouds of the past for a brighter tomorrow.

Website: click here


Jessica “Jessie Angel” Roche

Certified REAP Practitioner

Specializes in deep level energy healing to shift old patterns and open up to new levels of light and love.

Website: click here


Nat Couropmitree

Certified REAP Practitioner and Coach

Empowering Highly Sensitive Individuals to Partner with Themselves for Lasting Fulfillment.

Website: click here

Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen

M.S., Certified REAP Practitioner and Self-Compassion Coach

Transforming your inner critic into your inner lover through the powerful combination of energy healing and of mindful self-compassion.

Website: click here


Julie A. Carr

M.Ed.,LMT, Certified REAP Practitioner

Website: click here


Rosalba Micielli

LMT,Certified REAP Practitioner, Polarity Practitioner, Master Aesthetician

Specializes in Connecting To Self, Raising Level Of Being Present, Trusting In Who You Are.

Contact: 415-370-1276

Stacy Young

Certified REAP Practitioner, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Certified Reiki II Practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader

Specializes in finding your balance and creating a healthy life by integrating healthy habits in nutrition, relationships, career, and spirituality, using energy healing, intuition, and angel card guidance to support you on your journey.

Website: click here

Jennefer Blostein

Certified REAP Practitioner and Wealth Consciousness Coach

Cathy Lepage

Certified REAP Practitioner

Contact: (774) 245-0775

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