REAP Healing

About REAP Certification – Alternative Medicine


The REAP Healing Method arises from a simple belief: Our bodies already hold the answers we seek. Our natural state is one of wholeness, well-being, and balance. However, in the course of our daily lives, this natural balance can be upset for any number of reasons, such as emotional distress, physical injury or trauma, or old negative programming, conditioning and patterning. Energies become blocked, our Spirit gets stymied, and a spiraling cycle ensues. When this happens, we need to realign – to rebalance ourselves emotionally and physically – in order return to a natural state of wholeness. REAP facilitates this rebalancing.

REAP specifically concentrates on eleven different areas in the body and the energy blockages with which they correspond. These areas indicate what is out of balance, providing both guidance to and answers about what is needed. By working to activate and awaken those areas in need of attention, REAP promotes deep, extensive healing.

Beyond healing in the physical and emotional realms, REAP also supports a more spiritually aware state, one that acknowledges and allows us to embrace our infinite potential.